Surviving a hang over

Saturday was a tired day after Fridays Raffeling. Oliver worked and i lay on the sofa like a stranded whale eating everything that came my way and moaning about how horrible I felt.

After a couple of hours I got forced to get up my from hay sack position and Oliver styled me (since the backless dress from the night before weren’t park material).

Today’s outfit/styled by Oliver Holms

Shirt: Over sized dinner shirt almost long enough to cover my ass
Belt: Olivers Burgundy (of course) cumber belt

I was also bra less. We solved that with bandage.

The family Holms doing photo stuff. I looked on and froze wishing i was on the sofa. Might even have moaned a bit more.

Back in the house we (as in the Holmses) made pancakes. Oliver trying to show off and not necessarily his pancakes skills. 

Miranda was a flipping wizard. I ate until I almost grew out if Oliver gigantic dinner shirt.

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