There is still juice in this old lady

Back to Raffles with Laxen and Fredrik on Friday. Realizing I hadn’t been to a nightclub in 3 month it was time. Nothing had changed. Neither had I as i came to realize.

Borrowed Elins very short backless dress. Border on slutty. Suits Raffles perfectly.

Me and Laxen owned. As we do. 

Laxen and his old school mate also owned. But not as much as i did. Goes without saying. 

Fredrik and Erika talked about the deep meaningful things in life. 

While i ended up smashing the mirror. I have no idea how it happened.As I said, nothing has really changed.

After the mirror debacle I went home to oliver, drunk and smelling of fags, and had him paying for my cab while I went in and ate all his food. He is one lucky man. 

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