Living is easy

Started watching Deadwood with Oliver last night. Rough men and whores speaking unintelligible killing each other every 5 minutes. A winner. What’s not to like in that set up? If nothing else it makes you appreciate that no one beats you or threaten to kill you on a regular basis. You should always be happy about the small things in life.

I also cooked ‘soppa på en spik’ in the form of salmon (Yes Elin, it’s finally gone) stew. Despite the old salmon and slightly green potatoes it turn out to be edible (at least none of us have thrown up yet) and we topped it up with toffee ice cream with crushed Twix on top. Filth!

Then bed and today 80’s style outfit to entice spring to show it’s face. It’s raining today.

Sun in my eyes and frost biting my cheeks

Another beautiful winter day. It was so cold in the flat last night I had to sleep in socks and full on softie outfit and kept waking up from my dreams of riding a camel. I wasn’t even close to do the morning walk to work.

It is wonderful out though. Wonderful in that ‘I cant stop myself from smiling and dreaming of cold winter kisses and snowflakes falling on eyelashes’. I’m listening to Pinto and drinking tea thinking that winter isn’t too bad. Its dark and cold but it’s also when you have time to close your eyes and think. Being without having to be someone all the time.

I have this song in my ears  Pinto – Iron And Rust – Feat. Anna Järvinen


Get rich or die trying

Oliver told me that you can upload your books to Kindle for free and maybe earn some money on it. My eyes turned to dollar signs. Or maybe more penny signs but anyway. This could be a fun exercise in writing. I’m thinking sexy vampire stuff. That will sell (well, everyone is doing it so maybe not) and take me about a month to complete.

This is my synopsis:

Prologue – young boy, innocent and sweet, being turned into a vampire. Left by family, trust issues. Story – Same boy, now a seasoned vampire who has turned off his humanity. Kills a human because he have done something (needs to be something that ok’s the killing). He always wait around to see who collects his victim (due to abandoned issues shit). Victims sister, beautiful and frail, comes to collect. Vampire falls in love. But, killed brother! Blah, blah, blah vampire war. Courting sister through work. Acts as normal human. She falls in love. But finds out about brother. Flees and find witch to help kill vampire. But, when doing that by loving him she is connected and almost dies herself. Vampire find her and (somehow, maybe some pleading to super witches) fixes it. Snipp, snapp, slut, all is well in vampire land.

I think this will be a hit! (Oliver, dont kill me, but this will be some cheesy stuff. You will not approve.)

Oh, and the cover will be Oliver clad in vampire gear and maybe me slung over his arm dressed in some white gown bleeding from my neck.

A weekend in the sun

Sunday was one of those lovely winter days with sunshine and cold crispy air. For once Oliver and me managed to be out of the house before the sunset and we were out in time to fight for the right for some sun with all the other sun starved Londoners in Richmond.


The View! Oliver is acting photo assistant and making me look almost like a real photographer (like a real photographer would ever use their mobile phone and point aimlessly with the ‘camera’ hoping to catch something)


 The pond! It was beautiful and in this picture you cant see all the people that was running around

The parrot! Yes mum and dad. There are real life parrots hanging around in Richmond park. Long lost pets that have made their own Neverland. Very Barryesque.

This is me copying Oliver being a real photographer. If he jumps up on a branch I jump up on a branch (even if I fell down) and if he shoots desolate fields I shoot desolate fields.

Olivers impressive profile. He had my fall over with laughter when he told me he answers his phone with his nose. Looking at this picture I can’t imagine how that small and timid little nose could be up for that task

Sunset. We were a bit late so this is what I caught (bad real photographer skills being late for the sunset) but it was lovely.

Deers en masse. They were working under cover as you can see. But if you use a magnifying glass you might be able to see them lurking in the grass

A real photographer in action. When i tried to copy that i got tangled in the weeds. I think I’ll just have to see my limitations. I should stick to the idea of writing cheesy vampire books instead.

After this long and adventurous walk it was time for a coffee (outside mind you, we are real men with hair on our chests – Oliver have got 10 of them!)

Brownie, flapjack and tea. That’s how you roll England style. Very street. Or as Oliver will have it – very Stig. (He is not, in his wildest dreams, street, not even road, more of a little forest path and that my friends is a stig in swedish. Stig Helmer by looks and cred)

We stopped for a coffee at Oliver’s mum’s house. Very nice. We said no to dinner which meant that oliver had a full dinner and I nibbled to not over eat before the real dinner. We got stuck, had more cake and weren’t on our way until 9. I did grumpy face and made Oliver make me dinner anyway.

9.30. Early for being dinner at casa Holms

After the delicious sausage and fennel pasta we had sweets and watched manga. A movie about a little fish.

I can see you

Told you spring is soon here. I’m going with Laxen and Pappa Lasse to Anglesea arms tonight and there are no surer spring sign than that.

One glass of wine, a cigarette and then home to bed early to start tomorrow with the gym. Hell yeah I’m growing up.