We need to do something about that swedish of his

Oliver and me were discussing my flower trousers last night. Apparently they are bordering on ’15 year old girl in too much make up’ trousers. We were also practicing Swedish.

Oliver ended the conversation by saying

‘Jag gillar flickor 12 år’.

Oookay! He explained it by saying.

‘I dont know the word for 15 so I said 12.’

Isn’t that what they all say?

Tequila! Arriba, Arriba!

Yesterday was the day of eating. Started out with Andreas making meatballs for the entire team and then we had afternoon danish celebration w beers and little sandwiches. I ate a lot. It was free after all.

After that we went to Al Forno for goodbye dinner for Andreas and Caroline. Pizza and Pasta and happy, tiny waiters semi grabbing you when you came from the toilet.

and tequilas.

I had coffee and were looking disdainful on the crazy children drinking on a school night.

Andreas had no such qualms

But Tom did sad eyes and then I just had to take a tequila. Combination puppy eyes and spirits are a dangerous combination and I ended up having two.

Caroline got a tear to her eye from all the nice goodbyes 

Tom and Andreas just kept drinking tequila. No stop to those boys. Tired eyes in the office today. 

Coming home with a couple of drinks in me Oliver showed me his pictures from his trip. Tired eyes on me too today. At least I’m not in yesterdays clothes after passing out from late night drinking games like some of my colleagues.

Woop, woop!

Yesterday’s dinner. However, the most important with this picture is not the food in itself but what it means. Oliver is back. (He loves salmon. So i bought him salmon and ate half for dinner. He say’s I’m a great girlfriend, I say I’m smart. I get the cred and amazing dinner.)

So, Oliver is back. Woop, Woop! You would think that means that we would spend some time together but the social season is here and between Stefan coming this weekend, meeting Pettan and Hanne i NH, Julia coming next weekend, Laxen’s leaving party and Laura and Seb’s moving in party, St Anton and Filippa coming end of month there wont be much alone time.

I can’t for the world understand what he means when he say’s i’m overly social.

What i do when I miss my boyfriend

AW in wimbeldon and good bye party for Andreas. He and Tom did tequilas. I sneaked off as soon as they started looking expectantly at me and went home to kix for dinner, wine and buzz. Most certaintly the best decision for my hangover.

Saturday morning started with me and Westfields. I bought completely useless summer clothes that made me feel like summer is here and I’m living the dream. After shopping therapy I met Dani, Kirsten and Elin in Notting Hill for an embarrassing amount of moscow mules. Summer was almost here.

After drinks, pizza and half of the group giving up and going home me, Dani, Eric and Fredrik went on to Star where we drank some more moscow mules and entertained the other customers (that means mainly ourselves) with dancing and loud ‘singing’.

Fredrik’s scary tattoo

We were on top of the world (that’s what all the sugar in the moscow mules do to you)

On Sunday I felt like dying. But after looking at Elin and Tom heading to the tanning shop I felt I needed to do something so I took my kindle and headed off for the best place on earth – the cemetery.

Sun, flowers and my book made me feel much better about life in general and I even managed a smile.

Thoughts flying around in my head

Elin and Tom are off to Rammstein with Ben and Candice tonight. Not jealous at all! I’m going to drink cava and eat strawberries with Kix. She promised to have summer theme for tonight. Like that idea, still feels like spring outside and the thought of summer, warmth and tanned legs (on every one else of course, mine are always pale and this year i’m not even allowed to tan them given last years tea debacle) make me smile.

Booked St Anton. Really looking forward to it. Need to get some ski clothes, last time I skied, about 8 years ago, I was still in dads old parka. Cool and all bit maybe not fit for the look of glam (haha) I generally go for.

Bought really short shorts today. Not sure when I’ll use them. People generally tell you to not live in the past. How about living in the future?

The it colour for the fall is burgundy. I know one very burgundy man that is going to be miserable. It’s a hard job staying out of being trendy when you only wear one colour, now and again you will just happen to be very in.

Frobishers say’s

Dinner at Kix and Robins last night. We played Frobishers says. Frobishers says a lot of things. I sucked at most of them but it was completely addictive. I liked finding the witches hat, or drying the dachshund.

We also talked about the fact that Laxen is leaving us going to Sydney. We’ll miss you Laxen. But i’ll get to go to Sydney in fall. Not to bad if you ask me.

Inget ont som inte har något gott med sig.

Kix is there trying to get in the way for Tompa. That girl has got some serious winning issues.