Thoughts flying around in my head

Elin and Tom are off to Rammstein with Ben and Candice tonight. Not jealous at all! I’m going to drink cava and eat strawberries with Kix. She promised to have summer theme for tonight. Like that idea, still feels like spring outside and the thought of summer, warmth and tanned legs (on every one else of course, mine are always pale and this year i’m not even allowed to tan them given last years tea debacle) make me smile.

Booked St Anton. Really looking forward to it. Need to get some ski clothes, last time I skied, about 8 years ago, I was still in dads old parka. Cool and all bit maybe not fit for the look of glam (haha) I generally go for.

Bought really short shorts today. Not sure when I’ll use them. People generally tell you to not live in the past. How about living in the future?

The it colour for the fall is burgundy. I know one very burgundy man that is going to be miserable. It’s a hard job staying out of being trendy when you only wear one colour, now and again you will just happen to be very in.

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