What i do when I miss my boyfriend

AW in wimbeldon and good bye party for Andreas. He and Tom did tequilas. I sneaked off as soon as they started looking expectantly at me and went home to kix for dinner, wine and buzz. Most certaintly the best decision for my hangover.

Saturday morning started with me and Westfields. I bought completely useless summer clothes that made me feel like summer is here and I’m living the dream. After shopping therapy I met Dani, Kirsten and Elin in Notting Hill for an embarrassing amount of moscow mules. Summer was almost here.

After drinks, pizza and half of the group giving up and going home me, Dani, Eric and Fredrik went on to Star where we drank some more moscow mules and entertained the other customers (that means mainly ourselves) with dancing and loud ‘singing’.

Fredrik’s scary tattoo

We were on top of the world (that’s what all the sugar in the moscow mules do to you)

On Sunday I felt like dying. But after looking at Elin and Tom heading to the tanning shop I felt I needed to do something so I took my kindle and headed off for the best place on earth – the cemetery.

Sun, flowers and my book made me feel much better about life in general and I even managed a smile.

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