Tequila! Arriba, Arriba!

Yesterday was the day of eating. Started out with Andreas making meatballs for the entire team and then we had afternoon danish celebration w beers and little sandwiches. I ate a lot. It was free after all.

After that we went to Al Forno for goodbye dinner for Andreas and Caroline. Pizza and Pasta and happy, tiny waiters semi grabbing you when you came from the toilet.

and tequilas.

I had coffee and were looking disdainful on the crazy children drinking on a school night.

Andreas had no such qualms

But Tom did sad eyes and then I just had to take a tequila. Combination puppy eyes and spirits are a dangerous combination and I ended up having two.

Caroline got a tear to her eye from all the nice goodbyes 

Tom and Andreas just kept drinking tequila. No stop to those boys. Tired eyes in the office today. 

Coming home with a couple of drinks in me Oliver showed me his pictures from his trip. Tired eyes on me too today. At least I’m not in yesterdays clothes after passing out from late night drinking games like some of my colleagues.

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