Cant wait for the weekend to start

At work today, never thought I was going to be this happy to be back in front of the computer but it means I’m well (ish). Hell yeah!

Tonight Lulle is coming. Woop, woop!! I am ridiculously (thank god for auto spelling) happy that she is coming here. We have no plans other than wine lunches, shopping, girly spoiling ourselves and talking. I’ve let Oliver know that this is a girl talk weekend and he has made plans for climbing and other manly activities so that we get our much needed catch up.

I love knowing that I’ve get to spend two full days with one of the best girls in the world. All the things that we’ve been through together makes it so easy. Not to mention that she is one of the funniest, coolest, smartest and awesomest girls I know. The kind you look at with a slight feeling of awe, you would almost be jealous if it weren’t for ‘Boooja! She’s MY friend.’

We will have the best weekend ever!

This is from our ginger bread house baking extravaganza. Lulle went all in and owned it. I made the droopy one in the middle. 
The look of confusion on my face is what always happen when there is some kind of making process. I think I lack some vital part of my brain

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