Pick a dilly and paint the world yellow. Live in the absolute now, not 10 cm behind.

The weekend that went. One of those magical ones. Sun, the best company, champagne, strawberries, epic talks, long walks, spring, sun kissed cheeks, hugs, kisses, laughs, talking about the things that matters and the things that doesnt matter, late night sitting on a door step smoking, friends with happy faces and the feeling that life is pretty amazing.

Friday spent with Julia and Oliver. The cheese and sweets fest that never happened. The cheeses (or jesus). Saturday walk in Hyde Park. Shopping therapy, the unlikely combination of champagne and Eggs Benedict being awesome. Dressing up, twirling feeling pretty, vodka competing with a russian girl, no dinner too drunk very happy feeling. Sunday walk in the Best Place in London, the cemetery with two people that make me very, very happy. Saying goodbye to Julia already missing her but knowing that shes going to be there for ever.

Eggs Benedict. The only thing you ever need to see you through an entire day of champagne.

Beautiful Julia in her fast shoes (she is very proud of those shoes)

Champagne and good company makes you this happy.

More champagne and beautiful London at night.

It looks grey, it was sunny. Somehow london pictures always come out grey. Think its a way to keep fooling the world its always raining in London and keep them away from the best city in the world.

Spring! Its impossoble to not turn into a complete fool and stand in utter silence just watch the trees blooming.

Daffodils. A girl told me that’s why its called Picadilly, you picked daffodils there. I love that.
Best place in London with two people I absolutely love.

Cant be girls night without 4 shades of pink.

Miss you

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