Beautiful pictures of scary kids make my world spin

Only a couple of more days before St Anton. At the moment trying to collect a scrambled assortments of clothes to be able to actually get on the slopes. Not having been in years i don’t own any ski clothes at all. But i have faith in others.

Tonight sand papering at Oliver’s, dinner and maybe the gym or a walk. It is getting warmer out but today its shit. Its just so nice to get out for a bit so i might do the walk.

Reading a really fascinating book Miss Peregrin’s home for peculiar children. It will be made into a movie by Tim Burton. Thinks that’s today’s best news. It’s just a really cool, weird book with authentic vintage picture of scary looking kids. Reminds me of being a kid again believing that ghosts really existed when someone showed me old and black pictures of ghostly looking beings. It’s beautifully written and so unexpectedly weird that it got that book magic of taking you to another world.

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