The small things in life

Phone’s back in my life. Yeaj! Didn’t even have time to call mum and dad before they did a trial run.

Call this morning:

Mum: I’m a bit surprised (sounding more pissed off). I was sitting there with the phone in my hand and then your dad said ‘its no use’ and then HE called you.

Even if he stole your thunder mum I’m happy to get to talk to both of you.

I woke on the wrong side this morning. Had a bit of a ‘there is so much stuff in my room’ tantrum (down side with having your boyfriend moving in with all his gear. That guy have so much stuff)

Tonight I’m shopping for ski stuff, going climbing (couldn’t get out of that one this time) and then cleaning the flat.

With fondness i remember last night hanging out with this old man. No stress, no drama, just me and the movie Beginners

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