Getting ready to breaking bones

Oliver and me went climbing yesterday. In a sweaty gym smelling of feets. It was fun and Oliver is a good teacher. He kept telling me I was good (I know it was a lie, he just saw the potential of getting me into it so that we can go on climbing vacations together) and cheered me on. I was quite frankly pretty shit but it was fun.I also fell and hurt my ankle. I’m ignoring it thinking it will heal it self while skiing. Good plan.

Before that I bought myself a bright turquoise ski jacket that will make me look like a princess in the slopes. And a pair of sunglasses just because i wanted them. Love shopping therapy.

Eric showed me clips of the St Anton after ski. Amazing! Less amazing is that its half way up the slope and I have to get down on drunken legs skiing for the first time since I was 11.

I count on breaking at least one bone in my body.

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