First time on skiis since i was 11…

Back from an amazing week in St Anton. Powder, sun, jäger shots, after ski, long dinners with friends, complete melt downs in mogul fields, snowboarding, skiing, sore muscles, dancing and great memories.

I stood on a pair of skiis for the first time since I was 11. That was interesting. As Dani’s brother put it ‘you can tell it’s been 20 years..’. That didnt stop my friends for putting me on the top of black slopes and mogul fields. I survived, that is what counts.

Today sporting a great goggle tan. I kept making fun of Oliver for his and on the last day God hit me with a vengeance and now I look all patchy. Totally worth it though

Happy Oliver about to ride the powder

Lunch in the sun
Why would you otherwise have a boyfriend?
Heisse witwe. New take on the hot shot. Warm peach schnapps, cream and cinnamon. Delicious!
After ski!
My first day on skis. I nearly threw up after a horrible mogul field. They made sure I got beer and sausage instead. That saved me.
You can almost tell how much Eric just want that beer to come
‘Scahtzi schenkt mir ein foto’. Happy Mooserwirt boys.

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