London in spring

I am desperately trying to get my london in spring pictures through but since the blog app and me (&%¤# blog app) are not friends any longer I will have to try and do it in words.

It’s blooming, everywhere. Pink cherry blossoms, tall, majestic magnolias and gold rains lines the streets and the smell is intoxicating. And the birds, they sing. As in Disney sings. You expect them to come flying down and sit on your shoulders and tell you about the world. (Guess I’m more of the evil witch than the princess so they keep their distance).

London in spring is the kind of spring that puts a foolish grin on your face and you cant stop. Everything is bathed in a feeling of possibilities. The shittiest day turn light when you turn into a street and there is pink, blooming trees everywhere.

Even I, with my black clothes and tendency towards gloominess, can fight the smile that the spring in London brings

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