When someone writes you a poem your heart swells with pride (until you actually read what it says)

Drinks with work yesterday to celebrate (or rather mourn) Anna leaving. First day sitting outside in the sun, we didn’t abandon outside until 10 and then it was just because some of the weaker people (danish) had to go in because they were ‘freezing’ (like a normal swedish june night)

On the way home I was slightly drunk and bored out of my head so my lovely boyfriend wrote me a poem to entertain me. He is a poet in making. It’s all star shine, roses and being compared to sun light on a june meadow.

See for yourself:

I’m so very witty
I wrote this little ditty
Inspired by how pretty you are
It only took a minute or two
To write this little missive to you
You’re bored on the train
Your phone can entertain in vain
But luckily
and hopefully not yuck-ily
I can pick rouse you with my brain
Spot the deliberate error
Which makes this the merrier
Round robin for you
My dearest Munthe
I am merely a punter
When held up to your radiant beauty
(especially your fabulous booty)
You clap your hands loudly
You grasp your phone proudly
But sitting alone on the train
you may appear soft in the brain
You’ve changed the angle of your pictures
You’ve abandoned the strictures
Of your self imposed tyranny
of forehead swelling infamy
I’m hoping drunk = nympho – my
I’ve learnt to expect
snore, hiccups and flecks
of dribble
All this is nothing of course
compared to the puke that bursts forth
The next morn, pregnant with remorse
driving the porcelain bus
with the minimum of fuss
You get snippets of flavour
from the drinks you did savour
only the night before.
Are you coming back for pudding
min vacker snygging
Its much harder to rhyme in Swedish
maybe because im English
Hur många dricka
min fina flicka?
Why not some beer’a
There are no beers in the mice-el-liam!

He certainly paints a lovely picture of me being hangover… and it sure was one fun train ride back home.

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