Freezing in style

Filippa’s version of the weekend is the slightly less food and alcohol focused and showing what a sunny, amazing spring weekend it actually was.

I wore my new ‘the skirt that’s not really there’ skirt. Perfect for warm summer days. Not so much for March.

Breakfast at the balcony. People on the street thought we were crazy.

As did my boyfriend. Not massively impressed by sitting out.

Holland Park. Still warm, the skirt still performing (except that you can see most of my ass)

Sunday in Hammersmith

Filippa at Brick Lane. This was before we were dying from cold and had to buy new jackets.

Me and my new military jacket sniffing the flowers of some poor persons house. Poor indeed when Filippa started to pull of flowers ‘to give room to her artistic vision’

Granola and Eggs Royale at Cafe Plum. Life at its best.

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