The storm!

Saturday came and after a 2 hour trek up to East it was time for the guys epic dress up party. The theme was ghetto superstar. No one really followed it. The guys were topgun wing men. I started out as the girl from the fifth element.

But Tom thought i had too much clothes on and re styled me in hos old knee pads and army trousers.

I am sure this is what the knee pads are really for.

Tom was stupidly grinning all night next to his sexy cat woman girlfriend. Cant for my life understand why…

Wing man!

Tom and Kim, great hosts. At least the made sure everyone was on the same drunk level as they.

Looking at Candice face i think this is when normal people started to get tired. The party continued for about 5 hours after that. Grown up as I am I fell asleep in the middle of the party before i got led to bens bed. That saved my ass.

Love the face of the guy in the background. That IS ghetto. Maybe not so much superstar but definitely *im going to kill you ans take your money’ ghetto. (this is james, the guy who defended Kims honour by punching a british champion on boxing. Not the best idea)

Frog and frog. Ben and me had some epic dancing. Great night!

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