A long awaited visit from the homeland

Even though the rain yesterday I ventured out into the wet streets of London to meet up with my Sunny Sunshine. First off was a stop at oliver’s friend Julians birthday drink. 40 year old something bearded and slightly scruffy looking men and gorgeous young models. And then me and Oliver – a 30 year old something slightly scruffy looking woman and a gorgeous young model. I know how to play this game.

After a drink and a chat with a (gorgeous young model) girl called June who also played in band (my ‘i work in the gambling industry’ didn’t feel so cool all of a sudden’) i left the pub and went up to see Sanna. We ate olives, drank water and talked about life. There is a lot to catch up on after 8 months. (At The Botanist Bella, we thought about you when we looked at the men)

Tonight we are off to Lauras bday drink and then dinner at Churchill Arms (to Olivers dismay ‘bah, pub food’ he spitted through gritted teeth). All while being sober. It’s my new thing. As Oliver say ‘Welcome to the dark side. And remember, this is a life style not just something you do for Christmas’. Bah

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