Lost in translation

There was thunder over London yesterday, the sky opened up and soaked anyone out in it. Both Sanna and me were on our way back to drop off her bag at the apartment before heading off for drinks. We survived, although looking like drenched rats. Great look and we rocked it.

We started at Mall Tavern for Laura’s bday drinks. All the Americans had macaroni and cheese and Laura’s eyes when we told her there aren’t really any in Sweden was sad to see. I would say that was the worst bday gift ever. Seb is going to have a hard time convincing her to move to Sweden now.

After dodging paying for our alcohol free drinks (we honestly forgot) we went to Churchill Arms for dinner. The food was so so but when Oliver, Miranda and Sanna tried to order tea and got the ‘just green tea’ I laughed like i haven’t in a long time Well worth it for their faces when they actually got ‘just green tea’ and not the fancy stuff the thought they ordered. The conversation went something like this:

O: what kind of tea do you have?
Waiter: just green tea (in a very inaudible voice)
O: great – two jasmine teas
Waiter: Ok, 2 just green teas
S: I want a mint tea
Waiter: 3 just green teas
O: No, 2 jasmine and 1 mint tea, not three jasmine teas
Waiter: Great, ill bring you your 3 just green teas.

We went back for a quickie with Laura and the others but then back to bed. Early breakfast with Sanna this morning before work. Damn i miss my girls sometimes.

 Sanna came bearing gifts Love it! Know what I’m doing for the weekend.

 Kix and Lisen, Kix was matching Zig with the scarf… There is a point where it is too much, just saying…

 Sanna and the Zig.

 The birthday girl herself. Very happy!

 Sanna at Churchill Arms. Very relaxed and at ease in these surroundings.

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