Happy birthday Kix

Saturday and it was Kix bday celebration. Instead of a sunny park we ended up being in a pub. Early on I realized I could never keep up with the party people so I sat with Ziggy in my lap and watched the spectacle. At 8 I went home for sofa and a sad movie.

I have become an old lady!

 Kix got tiny hand serum. Very fitting for the girl with the tiniest hand in the world.

 My party partner in crime

 Balloons, a girls best friend.

 Popcorn and movie. Who needs nightclubbing?

 Very sad! So sad I had mascara running all over my face.

Kix bday gift.

On sunday I went out for a walk in the cemetery and then home to Kix for cake and chill with all the hang over people. I felt a bit smug about being non hang over until I realized that is horrible. Then I ate so much sugar i got a sugar hang over. Skrattar bäst som skrattar sist. 

Ziggy humping the teddy. He is getting snipped in 6 weeks. Enjoy it while it lasts Ziggy boy…

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