Summer time and the living is easy (despite the fact its 8 degrees and freezing all the time)

Monday morning and I’m making the world a little brighter with my summer trousers. I have no doubt it will start raining soon again but you know what they say ‘there is no bad weather, only bad clothes’ and with trousers like this its permanent summer.

I had a very calm and relaxed weekend in with my new thing of drinking less for a while. We started out with an amazing home cooked dinner by Ella on Friday. Lamb steak, potato dauphine, fisk cakes, home made ice cream and chocolate cake. Spoilt!

After dinner we played games. It got to a very heated discussion on which game was really the best so we (as in the boys) ended up discussing more than actually playing.

After lots of laughing and our team winning a moral victory (which of course its the most important one) we went home and were in bed at 1. The old lady in me made winning fingers.

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