Under the Malta sun

Back from 4 days in Malta with my 550 colleagues. Tired and it feels like my insides are rotting. After a vague idea of taking it easy I ended staying up until 4, 4 and 7 am in the morning. Well worth it though, nice to see all of my Swedish colleagues i haven’t seen in so long and when the shots are €7 for 12 there is no lack of fun to be had.

Last day was a day of rest in the sun. Unfortunately i missed some with the sun block and now look like a lobster on various bits on my body. Healthy.

Had the best time but somewhat happy to be back in rainy, miserable London where the shots are expensive and its to cold to stay out longer than 1. Dont think i would survive otherwise.

 Happy colleagues. A couple of shots down the line…

 The pool at the hotel. Here is where the burning my self into a red crisp action took place

 The team building assignment was to make a movie. Here employing some old ladies

 The Malta view. Hard one going back to london.

Still so worth it. When i got back Oliver cooked me dinner, bought me ice cream, stroked my hair and covered my red body in after sun. On Sunday we went out for smoothies trying to recover my body to some kind of normal state.

Sunday night chill out time. Reading and a healthy salad. Some more of this and my liver might get resurrected and start working again.

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