Finally! After two months of 10 degrees and rain the sun finally made an appearance. Oliver was back from Paris so we went out into Holland Park with baguette and cheese to join all the other sun crazy londoners. It was us, 10 girls in tights doing exercise and groups of men drinking beer and staring at the girls.

 Sara, Lisen, Kix and Ziggy came by to say hi

 Lisen was hung over after nightly adventures with older men. Ah, the youth

 Ziggy couldnt care less about seeing us, the only thing he wanted was food! Its hard being a tiny dachshund surrounded by so much food and no way of getting to it

 ‘If i just stare at it long enough it might come jumping into my mouth’

 The others left and Oliver and me were ‘that couple’ cuddling. Until it suddenly got super cold and Oliver kicked me away to hide under the blanket. So much for taking care of your girlfriend

Oliver hate this picture ‘look at my sneer’. I like it – its sun, food and the most amazing man in the world (even if he is sneering. he do that when someone is trying to steal his food and what you cant see in the picture is Ziggy going for the houmous.)

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