Things to change your life

Julia sent me a gift today. A book to take care of my mind and change my tendency to fall into negative thoughts at the moment. I sent her a book about running for the same reason. I like our different approach to handling difficult times.

Whatever floats your boat.

I cant wait to start reading it, i desperately need some ways of dealing with the darkness. I’m thinking sun, park, boyfriend and some wisdom to re make my brain.

I do love my friends. Again, they have all shown how incredible lucky i am to have found hem along the way. Even when I cant see the positives in life at least I know I must have done something right to have found them.

That, if nothing, is pure wisdom

1 thought on “Things to change your life

  1. Du far vad du ger hjartat, det handlar inte om tur utan att du fortjant all den karlek och stod du far genom att du gett den till oss andra. Du ar rakt igenom FIN.


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