‘Tell Issy I love her’ like hell yeah you do

The other day, when Oliver was going to show me the benefits of that annoying Siri* person that all apple people go on about he asked her to ‘send a message to Cissi saying I love her’

Siri, the bitch, answered by writing a text to Issy saying Oliver loves her. 

I mean, WTF. Issy would probably been happy (especially since Oliver isnt really sure who Issy is, I think she is an old date, girls with just their first name in your phone book usually is). Fortunately (for Siri, and possibly Issy, I didnt need to go all Kill Bill on their asses) Oliver stopped the message before it was sent.

F**ing Siri…

*Dad, Siri is the voice command on Iphone who you can tell to do all sorts of weird things.

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