Ill hope the lilacs keep blooming all through my weekend

The sun keeps shining. Best thing about the human memory is out capacity to forget pain, it feels like its been warm for ages.

I’m taking Oliver out for dinner tonight, he wanted to go to a sicilian he heard about and I trust him blindly when it come to food so i’m all up for it. My plan is to stroll through the city, have a glass of wine and try out the new skirt i bought today before stuffing my face with italian delicacies.

Tomorrow is the wedding me and Oliver are going to. I need a dress. Tried to find one today but ended up buying lots of other things. Fail. Hopefully I’ll find something tomorrow, need to impress those fashion people.

Sunday we are heading down to Oliver’s late grandfathers house in Canterbury. Oliver found a copy of Axel Munthes ‘San Michele’ in hos book shelf. Good man.

Oliver was away last night, thats when dinner end up buying something as disgraceful as a bowl with peas and kaviar sandwiches.

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