Fat owls and fat bastards

Monday, office, summer, happiness. Life is not too bad after all. Sometimes I wonder if I would be constantly happy living in a sunny country but I think my gloomy disposition would catch up with me.

Saturday morning came with strawberries on the balcony

Before heading to the park desperately trying to catch some colour on our pale winter bodies. (Whatever happens Oliver is always the palest though)

In the evening we went to a wedding and I got told I looked like a princess. (Unfortunately all the nice pictures are on Olivers camera, Ill ask him to send them so I can upload them on the blog mum, I know you want to see pictures of me actually looking normal)

I stole parts of the table decorations

and we ended up eating kebab. Perfect end to a long day in the park and a beautiful wedding.

On Sunday we went to Canterbury. I photographed the cathedral for you Dad. We also got suck in a garden show.

And saw a weird looking owl.

Lots of cars (they seem to like that at the country)

Oliver jumped up on things taking pictures and I took pictures of him. As we do.

It was very beautiful though (if you didnt minded all the, to be honest, pasty looking, drunk, quite ugly people.)

My man did a small effort for summer. I could see how that almost made him cringe.

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