Amongst slugs and sausages you find friendship and laughter

BBQ at Kix and Robins last night. They live in a house. With a dog. It took me a while to get over that (well, i still havent really gotten over it) and I swept my leather jacket closer around dreaming of the studded combat shoes i want to buy.

Anyway, freak outs aside (is it normal when your inside scream ‘I want to go to a 72 hours rave’ just for being in a house?) , we had a really nice evening with food, a tiny glass of wine and speculations on Lisen and her date. 

A very clever way of bbq:ing. So clever that maybe even me and Kix could have done it. Maybe.

Oliver making hos fennel, dill salad. Potato salad just isnt enough.

Kix and the Zigster. He hoped for treat. He didnt get any so he fixed it himself. By eating slugs. Sluggy

Aaaaw, cute for a slug eater

Men at work. What is it about men and bbqs?

Looking good! (and you can see Zig sniffing for slugs in the background)


You have to keep working on it otherwise the love fade away

It was one of those warm, magical summer night last night. Oliver was working and I was packing the flat. I could hear the sound of people from the street and at 9 I had to go out and feel it. I walked around aimlessly for about 2 hours falling a little bit in love with London again.

Like an old couple, you need to keep the flame alive for the relationship to work and I have definitely been neglecting London for the last couple of months complaining about the horrible weather and sitting sulking at home refusing to take any outstretched hand for peace.

I saw a rose. It was very pretty. Roses have always been the symbol for love and it worked for me.

London presented me with its most lovely view (and I could here Olivers voice in my ear ‘catch the light honey’)

This is 9.30 at night, pretty amazing!

On my way back I saw the light from the Riverside restaurant and all of a sudden I wanted to drink wine and laugh again. But i walked home with chest filled of happy thoughts and love for this city of mine.

My friends are not just pretty, they do have brains to

Sanna has, as always, written a hilarious piece about Midsummer (all in swedish though, for my non swedish readers, being Oliver, you were there and know (better than anyone) what happened)

Read here – Sannas Midsummer story

She also sent some of her pictures that i thought I should share since they look so nice (you have to keep the years with nice weather as precious memories)

Ha, see now that I focused on my girls. What can i say, they are the prettiest.

You have to dress like a lady to feel like a lady

Busy Bee at work at the moment. Very interesting stuff coming up but it means

Only work and no play makes Cissi a dull girl

in the evenings I’m packing up the flat. Im currently at 4 big bin bags being thrown out. Where do it all come from? Ive only lived there 10 months and still. Its the same as the sock monster i think, the ‘stuff that only show up when you move’ monster (maybe not as flashy name but you get the point). Anyway, lots to clean out, at work and home

 Then it was nice meeting these pretty ladies on my way to work. Patriotic Wimbledon tennis ladies I would say, they were all matched in red, blue and white practically jumping with excitement of seeing the tennis. I happily saw my own future in the face of these three.

I sneak off to steal a kiss or two

Its finally summer here in London and getting increasingly hard to be stuck in the office. Good thing that you can get away for a second meeting your boyfriend for a sushi lunch.

We went to Sticks and Sushi here in Wimbledon. Of all things a danish sushi restaurant with things like smoked avocado with dill around it. Why not. In my world dill goes with pretty much anything. 

Now two days of packing ahead before moving this weekend. Good thing Oliver is away so I can do my throw away crazes on my own.

I feel like a goddess, I only miss gold leaf in my hair

I have found the dress for my brothers wedding. I wouldnt normally post it before using (you dont want to spoil the surprise) but I think this is the dress Mum spoke about when i was home.

(Baby bro, close your eyes if you dont want to see your sister before hand. Or maybe that just accounts for the bride)

Is it the dress Mum? ( I am so not a fashion blogger. How can i miss to put the straps back into the dress. Fail. At least I can say its from HM but honestly, 80% of my clothes are from HM so that’s no new under the sun.)

we danced until the sun came up and then we danced some more

Amazing Midsummer celebrations! The pictures are all messed up and I dont even want to start writing texts to them but they tell the story of one wonderful day with some great people.

This is while dancing Små grodorna even if I didnt manage to catch the actually ears and tail action

Frida as beautiful Midsummer goddess in a garland

During Tug of War. Its on life and death. So much that people fell down.

At least we won one this year.

Slight different in colours…

Lambo got resurrected and tried on all the foreigners

Me and the best girls in the world

For those who had time to appreciate it the sunset was amazing.

Oliver coming down from the mountain after fleeing the party for a quiet moment with his camera

A couple of fireballs later

Around here is when you are no longer allowed to take pictures

I brought pimms. Went down well with me. Not sure anyone else got to taste.

Look, Hugh Grant managed to come to our Midsummer celebrations

It felt like Puck where standing giggling behind a tree looking on at the wicked mayhem he created

Back after one of this magical Midsummer Night weekends. If Shakespeare ever came to Sweden I understand how everything can have turned to night light beautiful forest magic.

Me and Oliver started out at Mum and Dads on Thursday with home cooked dinner and late night walk and then on to Eriks for a full on Midsummer extravaganza. There was all my old friends, fire ball shots, butter and almond cake, dancing in the sauna, sun in my face when on the boat and general happiness.

After Midsummer we went back to the country house for a couple of days detoxing body and soul (well needed since my parents kept telling me I looked green) and back in London yesterday evening. tired today but well worth it.

Midsummer picture will follow

I’m coming home

In a couple of hours I’m on a plane to my loved Sweden. Midsummer and then a couple of days at the country house. I jumped out of bed (well, almost) this morning since I’m so excited I kind of want to wee a little bit in my pants.

A couple of highlights will be to teach Oliver to dance the frog dance, drink a glass of wine with mum and dad tonight and do the girly squeak when I see all my friends. And that’s just the non midsummery ones.

See you soon Dad and dont forget to get that BiB out.

The forest hold all the secrets of childhood. If you walk really quietly you might walk straight into a group of deers.

Only little more than 24 hours before I’m back in my Sweden sitting at mum and dads table eating mums amazing home cooked food. 24 hours feel like a long time, need to survive two busy days first (yes, I am busy even if I make time for this).

I will do it all condensed into a weekend. I will eat cheese on bread, walk in the forest at my country house, dance at Midsummer, hug my cousins, pat the horses, eat new potatoes and strawberries, pick flowers, tell mum and dad everything that is going on (even if they already know everything from this little space), sleep in, try and have time to really relax before its time to be back to London, crazy times at work and moving.

I kind of need this weekend.