All the things you do make me smile with laughter in my eyes

It’s been a year today. A year since that first date at the japanese. We’ve been there many times since but I remember thinking how I loved the place and how cute I found the boy opposite me.

This has been one hell of a year. Ups and downs, ins and outs and lots of sadness. The one thing that have kept me from falling into a heap on the floor is that boy who’s been holding me so so tight. For that I love him. For the places he’s taken me and the light in his eyes when he gets to show me something. For the trust he shows me and the trust i find myself giving him.

For trying to speak swedish, for buying me ice cream when im sad, for holding me all through the night, for understanding and believing, for making me think I can do it and laugh at myself. For mornings, evenings, nights and long weekend breakfasts.

Tonight we are meeting up for dinner and the sun is shining. I’m wearing a cute skirt that make me feel pretty and I’m very happy.

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