Bring on the next year and hope it contains as much ice cream and laughter

Me and Oliver went out for dinner yesterday to celebrate, you know, us. Since we are so amazing (power couple is what Oliver secretly is hoping us to be. I would settle for happy)

We met up at South Bank and took a walk in the sun

Oliver took pictures and I took pictures of him. That’s what we do in our relationship.

A very erect young man

It was gorgeous out but if you look close this is actually a picture of Oliver taking pictures.It seems a bit silly actually hanging out.

At the OXO tower. Yum (not that I got to drink much of mine)

Anniversary gift from my lovely boyfriend. Sweets and a book. The big one is on its way.

I got so excited I spilled my drink

After seeing this hand painted (weirdly wolf looking) horse picture and reading the card that was in there.

After all that drama we went to Bocca di Lupo. It was amazing! As in really, really amazing. We had stuff like octopus salad, spicy sausages, spider crab pasta, battered lemons. Yum!

And smultron for dessert. Thought you could only find that in Sweden for two weeks a year.

This morning I was a bit hanging. I had to share my feelings on Instagram. Poor Oliver…

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