The forest hold all the secrets of childhood. If you walk really quietly you might walk straight into a group of deers.

Only little more than 24 hours before I’m back in my Sweden sitting at mum and dads table eating mums amazing home cooked food. 24 hours feel like a long time, need to survive two busy days first (yes, I am busy even if I make time for this).

I will do it all condensed into a weekend. I will eat cheese on bread, walk in the forest at my country house, dance at Midsummer, hug my cousins, pat the horses, eat new potatoes and strawberries, pick flowers, tell mum and dad everything that is going on (even if they already know everything from this little space), sleep in, try and have time to really relax before its time to be back to London, crazy times at work and moving.

I kind of need this weekend.

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