we danced until the sun came up and then we danced some more

Amazing Midsummer celebrations! The pictures are all messed up and I dont even want to start writing texts to them but they tell the story of one wonderful day with some great people.

This is while dancing Små grodorna even if I didnt manage to catch the actually ears and tail action

Frida as beautiful Midsummer goddess in a garland

During Tug of War. Its on life and death. So much that people fell down.

At least we won one this year.

Slight different in colours…

Lambo got resurrected and tried on all the foreigners

Me and the best girls in the world

For those who had time to appreciate it the sunset was amazing.

Oliver coming down from the mountain after fleeing the party for a quiet moment with his camera

A couple of fireballs later

Around here is when you are no longer allowed to take pictures

I brought pimms. Went down well with me. Not sure anyone else got to taste.

Look, Hugh Grant managed to come to our Midsummer celebrations

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