You have to dress like a lady to feel like a lady

Busy Bee at work at the moment. Very interesting stuff coming up but it means

Only work and no play makes Cissi a dull girl

in the evenings I’m packing up the flat. Im currently at 4 big bin bags being thrown out. Where do it all come from? Ive only lived there 10 months and still. Its the same as the sock monster i think, the ‘stuff that only show up when you move’ monster (maybe not as flashy name but you get the point). Anyway, lots to clean out, at work and home

 Then it was nice meeting these pretty ladies on my way to work. Patriotic Wimbledon tennis ladies I would say, they were all matched in red, blue and white practically jumping with excitement of seeing the tennis. I happily saw my own future in the face of these three.

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