You have to keep working on it otherwise the love fade away

It was one of those warm, magical summer night last night. Oliver was working and I was packing the flat. I could hear the sound of people from the street and at 9 I had to go out and feel it. I walked around aimlessly for about 2 hours falling a little bit in love with London again.

Like an old couple, you need to keep the flame alive for the relationship to work and I have definitely been neglecting London for the last couple of months complaining about the horrible weather and sitting sulking at home refusing to take any outstretched hand for peace.

I saw a rose. It was very pretty. Roses have always been the symbol for love and it worked for me.

London presented me with its most lovely view (and I could here Olivers voice in my ear ‘catch the light honey’)

This is 9.30 at night, pretty amazing!

On my way back I saw the light from the Riverside restaurant and all of a sudden I wanted to drink wine and laugh again. But i walked home with chest filled of happy thoughts and love for this city of mine.

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