Amongst slugs and sausages you find friendship and laughter

BBQ at Kix and Robins last night. They live in a house. With a dog. It took me a while to get over that (well, i still havent really gotten over it) and I swept my leather jacket closer around dreaming of the studded combat shoes i want to buy.

Anyway, freak outs aside (is it normal when your inside scream ‘I want to go to a 72 hours rave’ just for being in a house?) , we had a really nice evening with food, a tiny glass of wine and speculations on Lisen and her date. 

A very clever way of bbq:ing. So clever that maybe even me and Kix could have done it. Maybe.

Oliver making hos fennel, dill salad. Potato salad just isnt enough.

Kix and the Zigster. He hoped for treat. He didnt get any so he fixed it himself. By eating slugs. Sluggy

Aaaaw, cute for a slug eater

Men at work. What is it about men and bbqs?

Looking good! (and you can see Zig sniffing for slugs in the background)


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