One of those days when you need neon to brighten the grey outside

This is a classic inbetween day. Raining outside and only 4 more days to go before holiday! Tonight cleaning out the cupboards of the flat after all the maggot poison we poured into them and getting the place ready for sister and Micke coming this weekend.

I’m entertaining myself by booking things for when we come back. Open air cinema at Somerset House for Oliver and me and new running shoes for me.

I was choosing between these and slightly less colorful ones but as Oliver put it:

‘Also, when did you ever pay any attention to looking discreet? You are the least stealth person I know by a country mile.’

True, guess it will have to be the electric blue and neon pink. In 4 weeks these beauties are mine.

A London weekend

Olympics is full on in London right now. On Friday we went out to see the opening ceremony in town. We ended up at a pub drinking beer and watching the spectacle. Going from ‘i couldnt care less’ to ‘this is actually fun’ I was very happy we did it and not stayed in as planned.

On Saturday Oliver and me left the house late after fighting yet another maggot infestation (this time moth maggots. I think i’ve had it all by now). We headed to burrough market for lunch and pims and then fought the crowd and went central for theater.

The play was called posh and was about a gentleman’s club and them tearing the place apart they held their dinner at under the pretense ‘that everything can be bought’. It was really good and highly entertaining, especially since both Oliver and me kept squirming with recognition. Leaving the play we met one of Oliver’s friends, looking right out of the play and talking with the posh drawl. Dad, you would have loved it ūüôā

Beautiful theater (especially since the portraits on the wall all of a sudden started singing ‘im sexy and i know it’)

After we went to a lovely fish restaurant in soho called Randall&Aubin. They were playing disco music, served you through the window and served amazing seafood.

Disco bling bling place (here you cant see the disco ball that was spinning to the 70’s blasting music)

Oliver had scallops. They were good even if i got so distracted when i was going to photograph them i ended up photographing Oliver instead. I cant help he is so handsome.

and i had crab. Yummy!

After that you just need ice cream!

Sunday was spent in bed. Oliver went to see Olympic cycling and I stayed in bed until 4 (a disgrace)

Eating tomatoes and hommous since everything is else is in quarantine due to maggot killing.

When i finally crawled out of bed I went a bought a bag

Had lentil soup

Watched flowers

and went with Oliver and Miranda to Franco Manca. Not too bad for a day starting at 4. And yeah, we played some scrabble as well.

Kick up your heels

Friday, summer and not much to do at work. Went to the gym for lunch and now waiting for the day to be over. Having fun with my colleagues in the meantime.

(we have Kick up your heels friday, everyone has to wear heels. Mine are the nude ones in the middle)

A magical night, seeing this I can see this is the birth country of Narnia, Peter Pan and a Midsummer Nights Dream

Oliver was working last night so I was home alone. That did not make this mouse dance on the table. Instead i did the washing up, cleaned the flat and washed my salty Ibiza clothes.

When that was done i had oceans of time on my hands and decided to go for a walk.

 Tried to entertain myself by harassing my boyfriend. He fled by going into a dungeon without reception. Bugger.

 London lamp posts always make me think of Narnia.

 I also want to be old and sit on a bench in Holland Park watching the fountain.

 The japanese gardens. Eerie this time a night.

 The fairy skirt fitted right on on this magical night.

When i came home I rewarded myself with fresh fruit.

This is just another form of talking. To the people at home I dont see often enough. More of a monologue but at least I get to say hi

Another sunny day and another evening in the park with Oliver. We met at Notting Hill Gate, bought sushi, found a sunny spot and laid down to talk. That’s what we do when we see each other. Talk. Oliver tries to make me play chess or go and i dodge. Not because I dont like playing chess (Go gives me a headache) but because I love talking.

I’m a tiny bit afraid of the day when you stop having something to say and find other things to do to spend the time together. Things to fill up the silent gaps. I love talking to the people I care about. I want to find out more about them but also share the things I see. I’ve always been laughed at for my love of talking but for me its the best way of understanding the world around me.

That world have been a bit confusing of late so i keep talking hoping to understand.

 When I asked him what he is doing he said he was pretending to be a rabbit. Ok.

The important things in life

Took a walk during lunch. I was going to photograph sun and stuff but it was way too hot. Instead I wiped the drops of my upper lip and wondered who’s stupid idea it was to take a walk during the warmest hours of the day. Mine apparently.

But London is still a city to fall in love with right now. Its buzzing, you can tell the Olympics is right around the corner. I felt small in the grand scheme of things. Being part of history and all that. Made me feel dizzy happy about being right here, right now. Or maybe I was just suffering from sun stroke.

Then I tried to take a photo of my back in a toilet. Not one of my proudest moments. Its hard photographing your own back.

Cant say i look very smart in this one. I compensated by taking some decisions at work. Great day.

In a city preparing for the Olympics all I see is flowers

Summer in London continues. I hear people swear over the heat and see them red faced and sweaty. I love it. I soak it up like a cat on a window sill. I’ve always thought I loved fall, I might have to rethink that. Warmth, sun and flowers definitely make me happy.

Yesterday I went down to the river with my old New Zealand friend Ben for a drink. Have barely seen him since Honduras 4 years ago. Since that time he have started enjoying triathlons and just did an iron man. He tried to convince me its my future. I highly doubt it. I humored him and kept sipping on my wine.

People were queuing in a straight line for the bar. Very proper, very english.

After drinks i went up to angel and met oliver and his friends to share an eton mess and a cheese board. What else do you need for dinner?

Today keeping summer by wearing my new dress a bought on the sale.

 After work heading for the park again. Reading a new vampire/witches/demon book and cant wait to get out into the sun.

Ibiza was all fun and games

Ibiza was great. We had a nice balance between partying and taking it easy. A mix between watching the sunset at Ushuyaia while dancing to swedish house mafia, spending long days at the pool, dancing for 7 hours straight at DC10, watch naked old men at Sa Trinxa, see hippie ibiza up north, eat delicious food and talk while watching the sun go down from our roof.

The house was beautiful and it was a great set of people and this time neither robberies nor stomach sick. I would call that a win.

 Our amazing pool. I actually swam every morning (not as good as maggie that went for a run every morning)

 Blue Marlin

¬†Dancing on the sunbeds. As long as there are something to stand on I’m happy.

 3D fireworks glasses.

 Lovely restaurant on the beach with freshly caught fish.


 Pause in the shade

 Just to get right back out there by the pool.

 Mr Big as he calls himself

 Tabasco shots


 Sant Joseph which was our closest village.

 Grilled squid on the beach. How can you not eat all the time when this is what you get served.

 Sa Trinxa. You cant see all the naked men from here but trust me, they were there.

 We had a chef coming to the house making us paella one day.

 The beach up north

 Wine in the sun for the last day.

Ending with an amazing sunset.

Summer has finally come to London

Touching ground from Ibiza late Saturday night me and Oliver had a lazy day on Sunday going straight to the park and watching The Dark Knight in the evening. Both of us were tired. Oliver from working. Me from working on my tan and partying. Each to their own.

Yesterday I ran out to the park as soon as I was out of work. I also managed to buy my NYC ticket and theater tickets for Saturday. Highly productive day. Tonight meeting Maggie’s and my old friend Ben from Honduras in the sun. Summer London isn’t too bad.

 I wore the bridal/fly catching skirt. I feel like a fairy but the flies seemed to think I was a reversed fly tent and kept flying up my skirt.

 Napping in my lap. A beaten hero as we say in swedish.

 Green grass, mermaid nails and tanned legs. Summer!

 Tried to capture Oliver and me in a picture. The result wasnt amazing.

 After all of this excitement we needed pizza. Especially me after a week long eating fiesta.

 Yesterday we headed for the same spot in the park. Oliver threw himself right down at the grass again. Lazy bones.

¬†I did another try at capturing us in a picture. I think i might give up…

 Beautiful sunset.

 Came home, watched deadwood and had ice cream in bed

And painted faces in Olivers painting program. My is the tiny green faced goblin. Dont think this is my future profession.

This morning I wore my book look. French yellow skirt, cream blouse and Daunt Books bag. Very smart.