Between church, terrier puppies and walking to your feet bleed you find beautiful people

Grey Monday outside my window and I’m tired. Its been a full on weekend, moving, having julia to visit, fixing up the flat and trying to remember what is like being a good girlfriend and having time for my boyfriend. Feel a bit like a fail on that part.

But, weekend is over now and the flat is fully moved after a full on one on Friday helped by Oliver and Ed and a trip to Muji on Saturday buying boxes to try and fit in Olivers room. After all that lifting, cursing, shoe kicking and clothes hanging I went out for dinner with lovely Julia. She was as blond pony tailed, funny, a little bit crazy, tiny with personality to fit two twice the size men, wise, interesting, spot on smart and amazing as ever. I miss my friends! I will focus on the time I get to have them instead.

Sunday we went up to the swedish church for mass. It was surprisingly good. Thought worthy words that made both Julia and me shut up for an hour and think (and that’s not easy mind you). After that soul care we went down to Cafe Plum for a healthy lunch and then for some baklavas (you need that sugar). Left Julia, emptied the last of the apartment, went for dinner, to the video store for the two last scoring goals by Spain and a movie, home, bed, crashed.

Today feeling the full on in every fiber of my body. Such a full on one I didnt even manage to take more tha two pictures for the whole weekend.

 My new shoes. As if I needed them. We are swimming in shoes at Oliver’s place. A gentlewoman can never have to many shoes.

The only picture were Julia is actually sitting still. Multi tasking as you can see.

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