Ibiza was all fun and games

Ibiza was great. We had a nice balance between partying and taking it easy. A mix between watching the sunset at Ushuyaia while dancing to swedish house mafia, spending long days at the pool, dancing for 7 hours straight at DC10, watch naked old men at Sa Trinxa, see hippie ibiza up north, eat delicious food and talk while watching the sun go down from our roof.

The house was beautiful and it was a great set of people and this time neither robberies nor stomach sick. I would call that a win.

 Our amazing pool. I actually swam every morning (not as good as maggie that went for a run every morning)

 Blue Marlin

 Dancing on the sunbeds. As long as there are something to stand on I’m happy.

 3D fireworks glasses.

 Lovely restaurant on the beach with freshly caught fish.


 Pause in the shade

 Just to get right back out there by the pool.

 Mr Big as he calls himself

 Tabasco shots


 Sant Joseph which was our closest village.

 Grilled squid on the beach. How can you not eat all the time when this is what you get served.

 Sa Trinxa. You cant see all the naked men from here but trust me, they were there.

 We had a chef coming to the house making us paella one day.

 The beach up north

 Wine in the sun for the last day.

Ending with an amazing sunset.

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