Summer has finally come to London

Touching ground from Ibiza late Saturday night me and Oliver had a lazy day on Sunday going straight to the park and watching The Dark Knight in the evening. Both of us were tired. Oliver from working. Me from working on my tan and partying. Each to their own.

Yesterday I ran out to the park as soon as I was out of work. I also managed to buy my NYC ticket and theater tickets for Saturday. Highly productive day. Tonight meeting Maggie’s and my old friend Ben from Honduras in the sun. Summer London isn’t too bad.

 I wore the bridal/fly catching skirt. I feel like a fairy but the flies seemed to think I was a reversed fly tent and kept flying up my skirt.

 Napping in my lap. A beaten hero as we say in swedish.

 Green grass, mermaid nails and tanned legs. Summer!

 Tried to capture Oliver and me in a picture. The result wasnt amazing.

 After all of this excitement we needed pizza. Especially me after a week long eating fiesta.

 Yesterday we headed for the same spot in the park. Oliver threw himself right down at the grass again. Lazy bones.

 I did another try at capturing us in a picture. I think i might give up…

 Beautiful sunset.

 Came home, watched deadwood and had ice cream in bed

And painted faces in Olivers painting program. My is the tiny green faced goblin. Dont think this is my future profession.

This morning I wore my book look. French yellow skirt, cream blouse and Daunt Books bag. Very smart.

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