A magical night, seeing this I can see this is the birth country of Narnia, Peter Pan and a Midsummer Nights Dream

Oliver was working last night so I was home alone. That did not make this mouse dance on the table. Instead i did the washing up, cleaned the flat and washed my salty Ibiza clothes.

When that was done i had oceans of time on my hands and decided to go for a walk.

 Tried to entertain myself by harassing my boyfriend. He fled by going into a dungeon without reception. Bugger.

 London lamp posts always make me think of Narnia.

 I also want to be old and sit on a bench in Holland Park watching the fountain.

 The japanese gardens. Eerie this time a night.

 The fairy skirt fitted right on on this magical night.

When i came home I rewarded myself with fresh fruit.

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