A London weekend

Olympics is full on in London right now. On Friday we went out to see the opening ceremony in town. We ended up at a pub drinking beer and watching the spectacle. Going from ‘i couldnt care less’ to ‘this is actually fun’ I was very happy we did it and not stayed in as planned.

On Saturday Oliver and me left the house late after fighting yet another maggot infestation (this time moth maggots. I think i’ve had it all by now). We headed to burrough market for lunch and pims and then fought the crowd and went central for theater.

The play was called posh and was about a gentleman’s club and them tearing the place apart they held their dinner at under the pretense ‘that everything can be bought’. It was really good and highly entertaining, especially since both Oliver and me kept squirming with recognition. Leaving the play we met one of Oliver’s friends, looking right out of the play and talking with the posh drawl. Dad, you would have loved it šŸ™‚

Beautiful theater (especially since the portraits on the wall all of a sudden started singing ‘im sexy and i know it’)

After we went to a lovely fish restaurant in soho called Randall&Aubin. They were playing disco music, served you through the window and served amazing seafood.

Disco bling bling place (here you cant see the disco ball that was spinning to the 70’s blasting music)

Oliver had scallops. They were good even if i got so distracted when i was going to photograph them i ended up photographing Oliver instead. I cant help he is so handsome.

and i had crab. Yummy!

After that you just need ice cream!

Sunday was spent in bed. Oliver went to see Olympic cycling and I stayed in bed until 4 (a disgrace)

Eating tomatoes and hommous since everything is else is in quarantine due to maggot killing.

When i finally crawled out of bed I went a bought a bag

Had lentil soup

Watched flowers

and went with Oliver and Miranda to Franco Manca. Not too bad for a day starting at 4. And yeah, we played some scrabble as well.

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