Some velvet morning

Yesterday I went out to Chiswick (the house still get me serious Peter Pan issues – I dont want to grow up) and had dinner with Kix, Tompa and the Zig. After that we dragged our sorry asses to the Duke of Essex for a chocolate brownie. Good stuff

Today Friday. A chill in the air and I’m off for drinks with Peter, Hanne and Joe. Im wearing burg in honour of Oliver and had a little melt down this morning when i couldnt get my boots on. Sweet Amazon deliver mot shoe horn!

Also hoping to see Ben this weekend. Miss frog.

 Zig was chillin with his gay paw. Pose for the camera.

 Sweet reunion. We played, chased a ball, had tug war and hanged. Quality time for a dog. And me.

 Ziggy was wondering what the crazy people that kept dancing at the Duke were up to. We think it was a wedding. The he got to lick their spoon. He was happy.

 Wearing a cool sweater. Being Roger from Rhodos and wanting to give everyone slippery nipples shot 
Me and the Zig!

 Sun, wind and autumn in there air. Go Friday!

Burg tights. Hail Oliver!

It will get darker and darker and then it gets light again

Im gearing up for autumn. Stocking up on things to make my favourite time a year as pleasant as possible. At the moment sorting out the shoe issue. Dr Martens for rainy London days, Acne pistol boots for looking good and new nike’s for walks under falling leafs.

Also bought myself a new black sweater and a pair of burgundy tights. Saw that the world is catching up with Oliver, everything is burgundy now. Too bad he’s moved on to grey.

Next step is candles and something for my skin. Need to glow even in glum, bleak autumn light. Tan is not my thing so I’m going for porcelain pale. Already planned trip to NYC and want to go somewhere with Oliver.

Before i know it, it will be Christmas.

Allra käraste syster, salikon blommar i mitt hjärta

Some pictures from when I has my sister and Micke in town. It something special about big sisters. The ones that can hug you and tell you that is everything is going to be ok the way only big sisters can. I let my sister hug me and tell me everything was going to be ok and then we went and drank strawberry mojitos like there was no tomorrow.

It was, but that was spent hanging around town and nursing the hang overs. Exactly like life should be like.(I failed as a photographer for this weekend, doesnt make it justice…)

Walking through London thinking about autumn

Yesterday went to the Coronet to see the irish film Shadow Dancer. It was good but hard to watch. Depressing to the core. The people sitting next to us left half way through. We had stuffed our faces with japanese and ice cream before so couldn’t get up to leave (not really true, both of us enjoyed the film).

Before movie going for a walk in Notting Hill seeing the left overs from the carnival the day before. Notting Hill was quiet and a bit hung over.

Tonight seeing Kix, Tompa and Ziggy for a catch up and a snuggle. Its still warm out but you can feel the first touch of autumn in the air. I dont mind, looking forward to the not so busy season of the cold.

Being back in the land of pubs and rain

Our first day back was spent contemplating war wounds. Oliver got bitten by a bug and got fat hand (not at all him being a wuss, it was a GIANT bug…)

I had bite marks from Filippa on the inside of my thigh. She called them tokens of love. I wonder.

We played scarbble in the pub when we finally managed to crawl out of bed.

Then we saw Lawless at Somerset House. It rained, we had bin bags. Really nice evening.

More pictures from Stockholm with love

 Met Paola and her kids. Evy and her cousins reading a fashion magazine like true mini fashionistas

 Lunch at the Thai boat. Managing to look intellectual even though the surroundings.

 Went to dinner at Chrisses and Alexandras. Except for excellent dinner and a hang over i got Chrisses new role play book. Look how happy that made me (that for sure isnt the wine)

 Went to Rosendal and it started raining. We sat inside eating cinnaman bun while Oliver were drawing and me reading. Idyllic to the point when random old lady looked at Oliver with longing in her eyes commenting on how nice his drawing of me looked.

Oliver taking pictures.

 Dinner at Bistro jarl with Bella, Sanna and Oliver.

 Very happy!

 Since we got Plopp dessert.

 Toilet ceiling in Söder. It was also the grolsch street party and Midnattsloppet. I found this the most picture worthy.

After that we went to vampire lounge and Oliver and me had to do the virgin getting bitten by vampire picture.

 Brunch table at Maggies. She knows how to throw a brunch that girl.

 Sunday dinner at Filippas. Tired looking gang.

 Watching dwarf outrunning camel. Shared joy.

 Nice being home! (and to good neither me nor Oliver is in the picture destroying the healthy tanned picture with our pale british bodies.)

 Stockholm view.

 Agnes me and turken. The fantastic three!

 Ice cream! (I also wanted one but grown ups can only have wine. That is the rule)

 Look at that little monster.

 Dinner at Morfar Ginko with old colleagues.

 Oliver photographing homeless sausages.

 Crayfish party at Maggies!

 Happy girls soon the start on the snaps.

 I wrote my own snaps songs so that Oliver could join.

 That made him more scared than happy.

Alone with four girls.

 Slightly panicky face but dont be afraid, Maggie will take care of you…

Just roll with it. 

 And then your drunk girlfriend will be her most charming self.

 Along with all her friends.


 eventually you end up in Mc Donalds trying to defend yourself for hungry girls. Poor Oliver.

For our last day we fled down to Nyköping. Oliver took some pictures.

 Me too, look at this beautiful sunset.

 He doesnt always look to smart.

But I still love him.

Three weeks of being home

Back in London after a three week ‘Svensson’ holiday as Peter calls it (he thinks it a disgrace I’ve been away for three weeks). It been a mix of my country house and Stockholm, of picking mushrooms, swimming in the lake, drinking snaps and eat crayfish, go to rose, meet all my friends, sit out in the sun and get caught in the rain, eat cinnamon buns and meatballs and getting soaked by summer.

In all this little bro got married. It was beautiful and I manage to hold my speech. I also got to see my sister and cousins children be even bigger and realise its bitter sweet to have your heart in two places.

More than anything it was fun, amazing, sad, crazy, tiring and lovely.

Before vacation there was one of those London weekends

Before we left for Sweden sister and Micke came to visit. It was one of those perfect weekends. On friday we went to a greek restaurant i Notting Hill. We ate five courses of awesome food, drank, slightly less awesome, wine and rolled home in nighttime London feeling full but happy.

On Saturday we went up to Hyde Park for the Live nation Olympics experience. Micke and Oliver watched sports and sister and me drank strawberry mojitos and ate ice cream. We planned the future and felt like we could do anything. Evening was spent on the stairs outside our flat drinking wine feeling NYC. Sunday was shopping in East and organic lunch to clean our wine drenched bodies.

Best start to my vacation. Almost three weeks later I cant wait to see beautiful sister and her amazing husband tonight.


Stockholm is back to being my home town for a couple of weeks


Oliver and me took a walk last night trough a beautiful summer Sthlm. Music coming from Gröna Lund and the sky giving of a magical light made me feel the sentimental feeling of childhood. With bellies full of korean food from Koreana and a feeling that all will turn out alright in the end.

Tonight we are seeing sister, Micke and the kids and I cant wait. Im dressed in black to hide my tired, bloated face and have a lot to do at work. It doesnt matter since i’m seeing the kids tonight.

Hello Dad, soon you’ll be seeing me IRL!

Last day before vacation. Working from home today and almost feel the holiday spirit. In a matter of hours they are here and we have a great weekend ahead of us.

True to form I wont be blogging when Im away. Since this is really a blog to my Dad it doesnt matter too much since I will be spending most of the time with him. Cant wait. Saw a couple yesterday reminding me of my parents and how I miss them. Cant wait to spend some time with them. And marry off baby bro as well. Thats like a major event. He is growing up.

Checking out from here but for the best of reasons. Family, friends, country house, Sthlm and three weeks of bliss.