I am a genius!

In my ears the music to the new London musical – chariots of fire. The same song the Mr Bean played on the Opening Ceremony. Epic!

Had a great start to my morning (although being slightly hungover) when my boyfriend confirmed what I’ve always suspected

I do congratulate myself every morning.

Yesterday we went up East to celebrate Ben’s new found freedom. He’s stopped assisting and are now his own man. I have no doubt he’ll be as amazing as the other great photographers I hang around with. Tommy and Elin were there, Ben and Candice were there, some other really nice people were there (one whom said ‘you’ve been to my house’ when i said hi. Well you cant know them all. And a cute french dancer that Oliver fell a little bit in love with. He now wants to do a ‘project’ with her. I wonder if he’ll dust off his silver leotard from his period as a modern dancer and ‘speak the language of the body? Today he is shooting a naked pregnant lady and I’m in front of a computer. Not fair.)

Me and Oliver started out by eating at a vietnamese restaurant. We were put to shame when the 70 year old lady next to us didnt spill o drop and our table looked like this

We drank some drinks when meeting up with the gang (I was way to happy seeing everyone so I didnt have time to take any pictures) and talked. While O was mooning over the french girl I was jumping around with my frog reminiscing about old times.

To bad for the smitten Oliver that he looked like this with a big stain on his shirt.

This morning a little bit tired but happy. Go life!

 Love my new bag. Its like my old one but not breaking in the seams.

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