Some velvet morning

Yesterday I went out to Chiswick (the house still get me serious Peter Pan issues – I dont want to grow up) and had dinner with Kix, Tompa and the Zig. After that we dragged our sorry asses to the Duke of Essex for a chocolate brownie. Good stuff

Today Friday. A chill in the air and I’m off for drinks with Peter, Hanne and Joe. Im wearing burg in honour of Oliver and had a little melt down this morning when i couldnt get my boots on. Sweet Amazon deliver mot shoe horn!

Also hoping to see Ben this weekend. Miss frog.

 Zig was chillin with his gay paw. Pose for the camera.

 Sweet reunion. We played, chased a ball, had tug war and hanged. Quality time for a dog. And me.

 Ziggy was wondering what the crazy people that kept dancing at the Duke were up to. We think it was a wedding. The he got to lick their spoon. He was happy.

 Wearing a cool sweater. Being Roger from Rhodos and wanting to give everyone slippery nipples shot 
Me and the Zig!

 Sun, wind and autumn in there air. Go Friday!

Burg tights. Hail Oliver!

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