Be calm

Me and Lisen went out to ‘Cath life’ as Lisen say’s yesterday. Catching Life is best done by dinner at Carluccio’s and drinks at Apres while listening to Mexican salsa tunes and weird guys with self recording equipment in their shoes all while catching happy hour cocktails.

It was a splendid evening even if I felt my years when Lisens friend asked me what i did and I told her I got transferred over by my job three years ago. She looked at me and said, with big eyes, ‘dont mind me asking but how old are you really?’ I guess three years is a long time for someone straight out of school.

Lisen and a Rhubarb dream of a drink.

Tall dark and handsome, dont mind if I do?

Lisen went on to meet kix for karaoke and I had to go home to let Oliver in. I was very sad since I felt my life needed som Dr Jones karaoke action but today i’m quite happy about it.

On the tube home I decided to start a detox month from Monday. No alcohol och refined sugar. Need to help my stomach a bit.

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