I’ll remember to stay away from the salty licqourice

Monday morning. Oliver is away for a week and I’m starting my detox month. No alcohol or sugar for a month and proper detox food for a week. Today eating fruits and vegs. Cant say its helping yet.

This needed a blow off this weekend. On Friday drinks with work and then dinner with Oliver.Nice burmese restaurant. Unfortunately my hung over hit already when I got back from dinner. Stupid hung over.

On saturday we headed out into the park after one of those slow morning in (all of our mornings are slow morning, we are a disgrace but im thinking ‘why not’.)

Oliver made me finally give in and play chess. I won. He said that when he tells this story he let me win. We both know that is not true. My background as chess champion in Sthlm showed itself.

Before heading to Kix and Robins Oliver painted a cherry spitting portrait of me.

Making me look like Rodriguez from Sugar man.

After drinks and food in the Chiswick garden we headed to Maddox. Great party and as usual too much vodka.

By 2 I was home waking Oliver up with crisps in bed.

Sunday – another day of park life. Ate everything Im not allowed to eat at the moment. Very good.

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