No monday blues today!

I have survived my first week of detox. It’s been good. I do feel calmer and more in balance. Today going to the doctors to double check my stomach and liver and then hopefully well equipped to meet the fall.

I’ve been alone for a week and that’s meant lot of time to myself, reading the amazing Way of Kings and watching True Blood. Also meeting Kix and Dani. And walking. For hours. Conclusion of thee weekend – we are too young but also too old. To young to give up on our dreams, our passions, but too old to not see them clearly.

Oliver comes home tonight. He’s working but at least I wont sleep alone. I miss him. Him and eating normal food. Two good things happening at the same time. Double win!

 Two peacocks obviously flirting. Very sweet.

 This guy is just weird. Love him.

 My new shoes finally came. They are like brightly coloured socks.

 I was laying by myself in the park reading books. You can spend your weekend in worse ways.

 Detox eating. Fruits en masse and no noodles.

I came up with some creative food options. Here fried butter beans with garlic, chilli and coriander. Surprisingly good

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