No rest for the wicked

Tonight baby bro is coming. True to form he fluffed the flight home and leaves at 6am on Sunday. Not surprised. He comes late tonight so we’ll just feed him and then head up for a gig Friday night in Dalston. For the rest of the weekend I just want to hang out. Feels like ages we actually had time together and not crazy wedding planning and the likes.

Other than that, not much new under the sun. Autumn is coming, its getting chillier. In a month I’m in NYC and both Julia and Bella have planned trips over for the fall. Oh, and tonight we are eating vietnamese. Pretty good.

 On tuesday we made lentil soup. Shit i can eat. Kix named it Fjällrävensoppa. I think it looks like something a vegan lesbian would eat. It was yummy.

 We celebrated Tom turning 32. Old man. I promised him many more night pole dancing at Raffles. I hold to my promises.

 Cheese instead of cake. Love my work and Tom’s birthday.

 We had lots of lentils left so dinner was an upgraded version of the day before.

 Natures candy. That’s what you get when you are on a home made detox/weird diet to find out what’s wrong with my stomach.

 Oliver went off handsome in a suit. I curled up on the sofa watching True Blood.

Today autumn outfit in burg and my acne boots.

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