Darlin be home soon

Little brother came yesterday. That was amazing. First me and Oliver went to the place God forgot – Clapham, to eat at an amazing Vietnamese restaurant and make fun of the claphamians. A very nice way of spending a thursday night. Especially the make fun part made us feel very good about ourselves.

 A man behind a fish. A big ass fish.

 Pho. Noodles and beef. Reminds me of traveling asia living on soups like these. Except there was no beef and hardly any noodles.

 Table with a tiny village inside. Mini people village.

 Oliver wouldnt speak to me, he just fantasized of all the mini people.

 Maggie was there in spirit.

 Fried squid for starter. In Olivers book this so go with a detox. This whole dinner was detox fail. Well, ine glitch doesnt count.

 Honey quail. Why not?

 When we came home Oliver wanted to draw how self portrait. That needed a set up. The light is very important when you are creating big art.

Finally here.

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