Autumn is here. It rains and is 12 degrees out. Im in wellies and hood jacket. Good thing that baby bro booked the wrong flight since he missed the shit weather. It was still nice for him being here. Lets say he brought the sun, or maybe that sky started weeping when he left. It was so nice having him here, he hugged me and made me feel secure the way only family can.

 We went out for dinner on friday. Kebab and stuff. Brother was happy. Man food.

 Then we went to a weird gig were the guys took of their shirts and played pling plong music. I was happy, nice view.

 Drinks at an east bar in Dalston. Brother being manly with absinth and whiskey. Ben not so much with rhubarb and minth.

 Mine was alcohol free. Im still on it.

 Out and about and on our way to open house London when you can get into lots of otherwise closed buildings.

 We choose freemasons for Dad.

 Us and about 1000 americans.

 Is that what you look like Dad when you and the boys play your little games 🙂

 Fitting for a king. I think it actually was.

 Brother desperately needed ale after this so we took him to a pub.

 and then to a mongolian barbeque.

 Took a long time for the pot to boil. We were hungry.

 Its not beautiful eating…

 Waited up until brother had to leave. Playing carcassan.

 Sunday was a miserable day. We stayed in bed until 3 before we went out for a sad walk.

We ended the evening by starting Oliver’s drawing project. Apparently you are supposed to be able to draw after a couple of weeks. This was the initial try of a self portrait. I feel I have a long way to go.

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